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The Drop' In: JoAnn Gustave

In a world that now demands us women to be all things at all time, few do it with as much passion and enthusiasm as blogger and seasoned world traveler of Jojostribe, JoAnn Gustave. Her infectious curiosity for culture, new places, and people has made her a leader in forging new experiences and boundaries - not just in Travel and Tourism, but in personal journeys as well - where her followers are proud to be dubbed members of Jojostribe. Balancing the journey of motherhood and entrepreneurship has made her a true curator of the "stress-less" adventure. So, in one minute of her spare time, when she wasn't planning a travel group getaway, JoAnn recently drop' in to reflect on our Learning to be a Friend story and shared some truths that the piece got her thinkin' about:

Are you an introvert or extrovert?

I am an extroverted introvert. I love people, and it's very easy for me to connect with them. But I need alone time with my plants, my thoughts, and now mostly, with my son.

When it comes to friends, quantity or quality? Or both?

Quality for sure! Because I grew up in a very large family, I know a lot of people, but I know the difference between acquaintances, and friends. A lot of people don't lol.

If you could go back and teach your younger self one thing about friendships, what would that be?

I don't know that there is much I would have taught myself. I have been very lucky with my friends.

In this digital age, how do you make time for friends?

You FaceTime! A lot of people will tell you that I love to FaceTime with them. It gives me a sense of being together. I could be cooking or laying on the couch or shopping around. I feel connected that way. Having lifelong friendships comes with understanding that: “Loin des yeux, doesn’t really mean loin du cœur.”

What’s the most amazing thing a friend has ever done for you?

The most amazing thing my best friend has done for me is show up. She is from Washington State, but lives in New York. She's been there for me through all the ups and downs without me ever having to ask. My wedding, my divorce, my baby shower, my son's first birthday, my depression.

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