The Drop' In: Huschai Nau

Wellness is a lifelong journey and practice that you do not need to navigate on your own. Whether current events have you feeling anxious, or mental health has moved up on your priority list, Huschai Nau (BA, MS, LMFT) Therapist & Owner of The Balance Mind Counseling, has the expertise to help you find the right balance. Specializing in treating eating disorders, depression, anxiety, family and couples therapy, this 'Empowerment Leader' is a go-to for the long haul. And what better journey to discuss than one's childhood? Huschai recently drop' in to reflect on our Dwelling in Other story and shared what early memories the piece got her thinkin' about:

What is your fondest childhood memory about where you grew up?

I grew up in a town outside of Petion-Ville right after Peguy-Ville called Morette. It was so far back then that cable didn't reach our house. It was considered the "countryside." I like how disconnected it is from the city, but growing up I didn't like the rocky roads, and how people frowned or complained just thinking about driving there. Nonetheless, I learned to appreciate the quietness, the trees, the mountain sight, and all sorts of fruits that come from the property.

What sounds, smells, colors remind you of home?

Sounds of birds in the morning serenading us while hiding in the gigantic trees that surrounded our house. This is going to sound gross, but livestock's manure used for fertilizing the jadin filled with plantain, mango, lime, papaya, and other trees.

Going to school, pursuing higher education, are things I consider a privilege.

Have you ever felt ‘other’ where you grew up?

I can't think of a specific situation where I felt other... but remember being called blan or boujoi just because we were financially aisez.

What does being ‘privileged’ mean to you?

Privileged means having access to something that the majority does not have access to. Being from Haiti where there is a 56% rate of literacy. Going to school, pursuing higher education, are things I consider a privilege.

What does ‘belonging’ mean to you?

Belonging means being welcomed., as researcher Brene Brown puts it: being accepted for you. When we have a strong sense that we belong, we can stand alone instead of trying to fit in. It's a feeling I had when I decided to follow Christ, and when I fellowship with others who don't look like me. It's the feeling I had when I met my husband. The sentiment I have every time I sigh in gratitute for my two boys. It's trusting that I can be who I am with no pretense, and trust firmly that I will be loved in return just for that. Point finale.